Persian Cats require lots of love and care and they are a financial investment. Please do your research. CFA.ORG is a great resource.  Persians are beautiful, loving and sweet indoor fancy cats that require your time and love.  If you are able to, the ideal situation is to be able to adopt siblings. They have an inseparable bond. 
 One last note...Breeding Persians brings  me so much joy and I love to connect with my kitty families.  Nothing makes me happier then being able to continue stay in touch with my kitty families long after my kittens leave.   I started breeding when I realized so many breeders weren't transparent about where the kittens were being raised and the purchase of a kitten was so transactional because they were operating a "business." For me, this is not a business but my love. It takes a great deal of time and energy to do this right so that you get the best possible kitten to join your family. I'm available to answer questions. The best way to get me is by email and text. I look forward to helping you find your Purrrfect Persian Pet. 


Persian cats sold in rural areas are relatively cheaper than those sold in the city—where there is much greater demand—even if they are practically the same as far as lineages and such go. 


A pedigreed Persian cat with duly registered parents will normally come at a premium than uncertified ones. 


Although there is only one breed standard for Persian cats, there are two distinct types you can choose from—show and doll-face. Show Persians have flat, squished-in noses, small ears, and big copper eyes. Doll-face Persians, on the other hand, have rounder faces and standard pointed snouts.

Show or peke-face Persian cats tend to be slightly more expensive than doll-face or traditional longhair Persians as they are rarer and the demand for such type is higher.


A Persian cat’s coat quality and color rarity can also shoot its price up. Persian cats with highly coveted colors such as white tend to fall at the higher end of the price spectrum.


As with any other cat breed, female Persian cats are much more expensive than males since they have the capability to reproduce. However, once the cat has been spayed, there really isn’t much of a difference. I require my kittens to be fixed. 

6. AGE

Persian kittens are much more expensive than their adult counterparts. The demand for kittens is also higher as most people prefer to see their pets grow up before their eyes.


Buying from a recognized breeder with a long history of rearing healthy litters will obviously be more expensive than buying from a random guy online. However, this premium comes with a health guarantee as well as certifications that your Persian cat is indeed legit.

I take 4 reserves in advance of my litters being born.  If there are more then 4 in the litter,  I will post the additional kittens on my site and take additional reserves. The picks in the litter are taken in order of the reserves I receive in advance of them being born. If for some reason you decide you don't want to select a kitten from the litter after placing a reserve in advance, the reserve can be rolled over to the next litter. Reserves are not refundable. They are applied to the price of the kitten. All kittens come with a health guarantee.  Our kitty cam goes live at 3-4 weeks of age so that you can  continue to watch your kitten all the time! With two cameras, you can zoom in, take pictures and even talk to your kitten from your smartphone! I am picture video crazy so you will receive pics and videos weekly anyway of your kitten.

Inserted 6/6/18.  I saw a link to a persian cat cattery website  that had literally every color imaginable.  It was such a neat organized website with a description on each kitten.  As I read through the extensive website, I thought about some things...I found it a bit frightening regarding the following:

1. this cattery and many similar DO not allow you to see where the kittens were raised-first red flag they are in a cage.

2. They provide such a pretty individualized description for each kitten with a nice little back drop, it was like a prop displaying something on eBay for sale. I thought to myself however with hundreds of kittens how would they even get to know each kitten?? How could they possibly be socialized and be held and loved everyday??? They don't.

3. They literally charge 3,500-5,000 a kitten and they aren't even bred from grand champions! 

4. They charge you 350.00-500.00 for an updated picture of your kitten, I imagine it must take them awhile to dig through the cages or something and give them a bath to prop up for a picture! I was so appalled when I read this today I sent the website an email asking for pictures of their cattery and how their kittens were socialized given that they have more kittens breeds and colors then flavors and colors of jelly bellys. I had to input my observation today because I don't think individuals even think through these types of questions. Just a single litter at a time in my big nursery is very time consuming in order for them to truly be socialized and cared for properly. I can't imagine 25litters at once. 



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