​​​All of our kittens come  completely socialized,  shots, litter box trained, CFA registration papers, and health guarantee. We will NEVER ship a kitten and only sell to local buyers in the Dallas Fort Worth Area /North Texas area.

We sell the most beautiful persian kittens with primary colors of silver, creme with blue lynx points dark tabbies and Goldens.  Deposits of $300 will reserve a kitten for you. These deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be mailed ( Call or email for my address)  

Kittens can leave their mother only at 12 weeks of age.   There are crucial mental, emotional, and developmental milestones that a kitten experiences between six and twelve weeks of age. Separating the kitten from mother, siblings, and familiar surroundings before that age can cause undue anxiety and stress at the least, and serious medical problems or even death in the very worst cases.

In Conjunction with CFA's guidance and my beliefs regarding the declawing of cats. Anyone purchasing a kitten or cat from persiankitten pals cannot declaw their cat as part of my contract. ​
"The Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes that scratching is a natural behavior of cats and that cats may be defenseless without full use of their claws if they, either intentionally or
unintentionally, go outdoors. Scratching damageto household furnishings can be minimized or avoided by routine clipping of the claws, the use of claw covers and by redirecting the cat's activity to acceptable surfaces.CFA perceives the declawing of cats (onychectomy ) and the severing of digital tendons(tendonectomy) to be elective surgical proceduresthat are without benefit to the cat. Because of
the discomfort associated with any surgery and potential future behavioral
or physical effects,CFA disapproves of routine declawing or tendonectomy surgery in lieu of alternative solutions to prevent household damage. In certain situations including high risk of injury or disease transmission to owners with bleeding disorders
 or compromised immune systems, declawing may be justified in order to maintain the cat-human bond. "  

About Me 

We are a small cattery in Frisco, TX. I am a degreed professional in HR but my passion beyond my career are my Persians.

Here at Persian Kitten Pals I breed kittens because I LOVE persian kittens and finding loving families to adopt them. Persians have been a part of my life for over 25 years and with only 4 litters a year, each and every kitten's family is carefully selected to ensure a perfect match. I get to know my families and enjoy getting to learn about you before, during and after you get your new family member!

Our Persians have never been in a crate. We have a large home and a large nursery where our babies are free to fun and play. Our prices vary with the quality of the kitten to breed standard, colors, etc.  Pricing varies by litter but ranges from $1500-2500. 

Occasionally I will have an older kitten and will price at 1,000.


Contact Information:

Allison Roy


​Frisco, Texas

​Text 972-757-7920